I know several of you joined the last round of my 21 Day Sugar-Free Challenge, but for those of you who would like to join my free coaching program to help you successfully ditch your sugar habit, I would love to have you join us for our upcoming round! That is the upcoming free sugar-free challenge.

I’m assuming it’s not news to you that sugar is being implicated as the root cause of more and more diseases all the time. We, as humans, evolved to crave sugar because in our caveman days that meant a good energy source for us – especially when trying to fatten up for the winter. 

However the amount of sugar they ate was about a fraction of a percent of what we eat now (which by the way is over 140 lbs per person per year now). So essentially we evolve to crave sugar. But we do not evolve to have such an abundance of it in our diet. We need strategies on how to cope with this, which is what I will help you with on this upcoming free sugar-free challenge.


-It suppresses the immune system

-Also it raises your triglycerides

-It increases bad cholesterol also decreases the level of good cholesterol

-It interferes with mineral absorption

-Moreover, it puts you at risk of inflammatory diseases

-Increases your heart disease risk

-Can lead to diabetes and metabolic syndrome

-It’s linked with depression

-Linked with some types of cancer

-And worst of all the more you eat the more you need it

There are a few reasons for our ‘addiction’ to sugar that have nothing to do with willpower.  I will explain and coach you how to navigate these challenges, plus you’ll receive nearly a month’s worth of tips, tricks and counter-intuitive mindset shifts to help you finally break free of your sugar addiction!

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“This was so needed for me. Huge eye opener in the way I see my body and what it does to my system. I really did not imagine that it was so bad. Also, I thank you for this. I  jumped in with not much thought. 

Your knowledge is so appreciated. I find myself going back to read past posts. So many hit home. The one that I need to practice daily is mindful eating.”

“I feel so good!!! I can’t even explain the difference in words! My family & coworkers have seen a huge change in my energy levels & mood. I was always sick with stomach troubles, had no energy & mood swings before the challenge. My food/eating choices will likely be forever changed. The impact this upcoming free sugar-free challenge has had on my health is amazing! My stomach troubles have pretty much disappeared!”

“Leanne almost has answers or solution to all those questions that I (or you) might be looking to get detailed answer for. I highly recommend this challenge to everyone & especially those with health problems.”

“I am excited always to take one more or again upcoming free sugar-free challenge. On the last challenge I lost 20lbs which was a huge accomplishment for me. It wasn’t just a weight loss thing for me. I needed this change. I needed to know my body again. 

Now I do! Since the challenge I eat way less. I don’t get that super hungry feeling anymore at all. Last time I was selfish I guess and really focused on myself but now I really feel that I should get everyone on board with this. Thank you for all your support. You are changing people’s lives!” 

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Things like coconut Larabars began to taste incredibly sweet to me at the end of the month, far more so than they had previously. Even Justin’s peanut butter began to seem excessive.

I’m delighted to say that, following the experiment, I no longer experience the same nightly need for sweets that I experienced in the past. When it occurs, I frequently find myself grabbing for fruit and, thereafter, feeling full (who am I?!). 

I can also tell if anything has extra sugar because it tastes odd when I consume something savory, like bread or soup.

Of course, having gone so long without it, I was ready to see if ice cream would taste too sweet.

However, it tasted pretty nice when I eventually allowed myself to indulge in a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough. How shall I put it? You can deny the girl her ice cream, but…


People frequently questioned me about how I “felt” throughout my month without additional sugar. Since I really had a cold for a few weeks throughout the trial, I can honestly say that…no, not really. I also didn’t see any improvements in my skin (and I was hoping that this experiment would improve my complexion).

However, compared to the takeout I had earlier, I did feel more satisfied after eating my handmade, sugar-free dinners, which made me less likely to later raid the cupboard or the freezer in search of something sweet to round off the evening.

And when I started eating sweets again, I did find that the days after I had really splurged made me feel yuckier. similar to a mild hangover.

Although I didn’t, Lemond claims that others could have advantages like more constant blood sugar and energy levels. Simply put, it depends on the individual and how their past diet was.

Hope you understand the key benefits to go with the upcoming free sugar-free challenge. If you are thinking about your health issue that may arise just because of the sugar intake. Then this upcoming free sugar-free challenge can be the game changer or even the life saver for you.

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