Remembering Assam's Legendary War Hero, Ahom Commander Lachit Borphukan

A prominent leader who battled the Mughals was Lachit Borphukan.

He was able to expel them from Assam while also defending his populace.

Lachit Borphukan was a well-known general and the Ahom K ingdom's supreme commander.

The Battle of Saraighat in 1671, where he led the kingdom's armies to victory over the invading Mughals, is what made him most famous.

The military brilliance and ingenuity of Lachit were crucial

That is in removing the considerably more numerous and well-equipped Mughal soldiers from Assam.

Lachit Borphukan is still regarded as a key figure in Assamese history.

People all around India continue to be inspired by his life tale.

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